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The Razer Project Sophia Gaming Desk Concept

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Razer has as of late revealed its vision for the fate of gaming and home figuring with Project Sophia, named as the world’s first measured gaming work area idea.

The Project Sophia flaunts an exceptionally customizable work area fit for supporting up to 13 separate modules for an untold degree of personalization. This empowers each part to be arranged with a variety of errand explicit parts, for example, optional screens, framework observing devices, contact screen hotkey boards, pen tablets and sound blender units, or even outside catch cards, so the client’s set-up can be reconfigured promptly for the particular circumstance.

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Additionally, it sports a tweaked PCB fitted with state of the art center parts, including the most recent Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU to help the most asset serious errands. All of this is housed in a thin suspension that attractively snaps in under the glass tabletop, which can be simply separated to put in new redesigns, permitting the client to rapidly make the framework required.

As per Razer, the modules have been intended for a wide range of clients, with makers having the option to opening in touchscreen digitizers, tablets, and innovative info devices to smooth out hotkeys and macros. Simultaneously, gamers can rather zero in on modules for high-loyalty sound and rankling visual execution by adding a THX Surround Sound framework and a high revive rate screen.

Moreover, decorations can change Project Sophia into a full transmission arrangement complete with camera, amplifier, and stream control, while those searching for a more proficient workplace can perform various tasks adequately and serenely with a usefulness hotkey module, remote charger, and cup hotter.

In the mean time, for improved submersion and customization, the extensive work area is fixed with LEDs that can be synchronized with the Razer Chroma RGB biological system and comes furnished with a cutting edge OLED show that highlights self-lit pixels and the furthest down the line innovations to guarantee a more splendid, more keen picture for a definitive review insight in 65″.

“Project Sophia is our advanced vision of a multi-reason gaming and workstation set-up which meets the altogether different necessities of an assortment of PC utilizes, discrediting the need to move between work areas,” said Richard Hashim, VP of Growth at Razer.