Infineon MOTIX 12 V

The Infineon MOTIX 12 V: Complete System Solution for Motor Control

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Infineon Technologies AG is introducing the MOTIXTM 12 V engine control pack with MOTIX Embedded Power and XENSIV sensors as a total framework answer for engine control.

The pre-collected unit gives everything expected to get the engine turning surprisingly fast: a market-demonstrated chipset joined with pre-streaked example programming as well as a BLDC engine – just a power supply should be associated. Thusly, the engine control unit empowers quick prototyping and assessment of low voltage engine controls. Ordinary applications incorporate helper siphons, cooling fans, HVAC blowers, or whatever other application that utilizes 3-stage low voltage BLDC engines.

The MOTIX engine control pack incorporates the notable MOTIX TLE9879QXA40 as a component of the TLE9879 EVALKIT, as well as point (XENSIVTM TLE5012B-E1000) and corridor switch (XENSIV TLE4968-1L) sensor PCBs alongside a 3-stage BLDC engine. All parts are mounted in a 3D-printed lodging and are prepared for assessment. The most widely recognized kinds of engine control calculations, including both sensorless or lobby or potentially point sensors as well as square replacement or field-arranged control, are carried out in the pre-constructed test code. This empowers the originator to analyze and choose the most appropriate calculation relying upon the application.

Supplementing this eval pack, Infineon offers a total and for nothing toolchain for programming assessment with numerous product models. A few application notes and a progression of internet instructional courses on the rudiments of car engine control support engineers in gathering different plan difficulties.

The MOTIX engine control pack can be requested at this point. More data is accessible at sheets/motorcontrolkit_12v/.

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