MSI Katana GF66

The Gaming Experience with the MSI Katana GF66

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With regards to gamers, there must be sure boxes that must be checked with regards to their favored gadget. In particular, a quick processor, an adequate GPU, a quick screen revive rate, and a decent reaction time. The MSI Katana GF66 checks a large portion of these crates with a somewhat more reasonable sticker price contrasted with its rivals that it is hard not to investigate and consider as your next gadget.


The MSI Katana GF66 doesn’t conceal the way that it is a gaming gadget. The all-dark plastic gadget is supplemented by a red, illuminated console that will unquestionably draw in gamers. It isn’t the most slender gadget around, nor is it the chunkiest. That is an or more in my book for gaming workstations. Assuming you have a gadget that is excessively flimsy, hotness can truly be an issue. The most slender gaming workstations generally run into warm issues. While having a PC that is too large obviously makes the issue of being difficult to drag around. As it’s been said, the size is perfect.

The screen is a major 15.6-inch IPS-level board. It is encircled by plastic bezels all around. A quite huge bezel at the base and a more slender, yet not meager enough bezel up top. This is likely something I can say that is a con concerning this PC, in 2022, workstations ought to have more slender bezels than the one here.

On the console side of things, the PC includes a standard console, and that implies it’s finished with a Numpad on the right side. For individuals who love Numpads, the MSI Katana GF66 would be a go-to decision, however it is a piece crunched for my taste due to the little frame of the PC. The console is great and the movement is palatable so individuals will not have any issues composing on this PC for work. Gaming likewise won’t be an issue as the console is extremely clicky and responsive.


Fueling the MSI Katana GF66 is a twelfth age Intel i7 processor with a RTX 3070 Ti illustrations card. Quick version, this is a monster for gaming. You have a 1920 x 1080 screen on here so regardless game you play on this PC, all that will be sleek, particularly with that 144hz screen.

This is particularly valid for serious gaming. Games like Valorant, CS:Go, LoL, DOTA 2, and CoD: Warzone run super flawlessly on this PC so you will not have an issue getting those kills. The reaction seasons of the screen ensure you have an incredible encounter and each press of your mouse will be enlisted quick on the screen.