PLDT and Jupiter cable station

PLDT opens a landing station for the Jupiter Cable System in Camarines Norte.

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The Jupiter Cable System landing station in Daet, Camarines Norte, was formally inaugurate by PLDT executives and local officials.

“We are honored and grateful to the local government of Camarines Norte for their assistance in making Jupiter’s landing a success.” “This new cable system significantly advances not only PLDT’s digital infrastructure but also the country’s overall digital readiness,” said Jojo G. Gendrano, PLDT and Smart VFP head of Enterprise Business Group.

“The Jupiter Cable system acts as a global data highway for global data traffic to reach the Philippines.” It is expect to exponentially increase the country’s international capacity to the United States and Japan. Encourage global trade of digital services, and thus propel the country’s digital economy,” Gendrano added.

The Jupiter Cable System is the most recent addition to PLDT’s 16 international cables that carry critical data in and out of the country. It runs from North America across the Pacific Ocean, connecting directly to Maruyama, Shima in Japan and Daet, Camarines Norte in the Philippines.

It is now the fastest cable system connecting the Philippines and the US. It is expect to increase PLDT’s international capacity when fully operational from 20 Terabit/s to around 60 Terabit/s.

Jupiter is the Philippines’ first international submarine cable system to use an Open Cable Model, allowing PLDT to power up and deliver hyper-scale bandwidth to enterprises worldwide more quickly.

This will surely improve the more connectivity for Pilipino, and even more can enjoy now your favorite e-game and online sport you wanna Play!