35% of cybersecurity tech in Philippines firms outdated

Tech News

Companies in the Philippines need to refresh the technologies and solutions in their cybersecurity infrastructure as more than a third of the cybersecurity technologies they use are considered outdated, a new study by Cisco showed.

Findings of Cisco’s Security Outcomes Study showed 35 percent of cybersecurity technologies used by Philippine companies were considered outdated by security and privacy professionals working at these organizations.

Cisco said 52 percent of the respondents from the Philippines also consider their cybersecurity infrastructure as complex.

The tech giant, however, said the good news is that Philippine companies are investing in modern cybersecurity technologies and approaches to address complexities and improve their security posture.

Some 90 percent of respondents in the Philippines said their companies are investing in “zero trust” strategy, with 51 percent saying their organizations are making steady progress in adopting it and 39 percent saying they are at a mature state of implementing it.

In addition, 87 percent of the respondents said their companies are investing in Secure Access Service Edge architecture, with 46 percent saying they are making good progress and 41 percent saying their implementation of SASE is at mature levels.

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