BingoPlus is now Hiring an AGENT

BingoPlus, the BIGGEST online gaming platform in the Philippines is looking for those who want to start a chance to make extra income.

Join us to start an extra SALARY!!!πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

  1. Benefits of being an Agent:
    βœ” Get 1% commission based on your overall player’s Bingo turnover
    βœ” Commission sent every 10th via GCash, Bank Transfer and more
    βœ” An alternative job to make extra money
  2. Being an Agent is easy:
    βœ” Every Agent will get their unique referral link (QR code will be provided)
    βœ” Share or promote your referral link to develop your business
    βœ” BingoPlus have multiple payment method to cash in and out easily
    βœ” Players registered via your referral link will be recognized and assigned to you
    βœ” The more players developed, the more you get
  3. Promote 101:
    βœ” Post your referral link on your social medias
    βœ” Share your referral link to people you know whom playing Bingo
    βœ” Introduce official Promos on BingoPlus to your developed players
    βœ” Ask your developed players to share and spread your referral link
    βœ” Built relationships with your local stores, public transportations, restaurants etc. print out your QR code and posters, then display in those areas
  4. Commission Rules:
    βœ” *Active User β‰₯ 5
    βœ” Commission Rate:
    πŸ‘‰For Bingo 1% of the *Turnover
    πŸ‘‰For Slot/Poker/Sport 0.25% of the Turnover
    πŸ‘€ Active User: All games monthly betting amount β‰₯ P10,000
    πŸ‘€ Turnover: Monthly betting amount

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+63 9666029777
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