Thetan Arena got 3M Players In Just Two Weeks

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Three months passed, and one of the biggest MOBAs on blockchain, Thetan Arena, is already breaking crypto gaming records. Despite several closed beta and alpha tests, the game was only officially released two weeks ago.

The developers have since reported that the blockchain MOBA already has 3 million users across all platforms. Thetan Arena is available for PC as well as mobile platforms, like iOS and Android. The game has also received 4.7/5 star reviews from users on both Google Play and the Apple Store.

This video game of Vietnamese origin has an ecosystem that tries to offer its users opportunities to participate in the world of NFTs, generating profits. It presents a structure based on blockchain that introduces us to a MOBA-style gaming platform where rewards are collected.

In this way, the player can gather over time items of different levels with which the capacities of each character are increased. The person who wishes to participate in Thetan Arena can do so for free, acquiring basic characters (NFT) to begin interacting with the community.

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