Filipino fans have been anticipating is the team that will finally stain Blacklist International’s UBE , or Ultimate Bonding Experience strategy. Blacklist International– after securing one of the upper bracket spots in a close fight against Nexplay EVOS, initiated another showdown with the Banana Split strategy by ONIC Philippines- the team standing at second place with 22 points.

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Map control has been key for the Hedgehogs to create some space for Hatred’s Natan to provide objective damage for faster gold to itemize. Beemo also had his share in the first 10 minutes of the game with the Hurricane dance to take one hero after another to put the Agents on the ropes, 6,000 down in terms of gold lead. Preparations were definitely made as ONIC Philippines made quick work of Blacklist in Round 1 thanks to Kairi’s Mechanics as Paquito.