Smart Omega eliminates TNC to secure MPLPH playoff spot


Smart Omega Esports secured their spot in the playoffs with a lopsided 2-0 win over TNC Pro Team in the MPL Philippines Season 8 on Friday, October 8.
The team’s championship form was in full display in the series to start its three-game stretch in the final week on a winning note.

With 19 total points after earning three points in the series against TNC, Omega assured themselves a spot in the playoffs while also eliminating TNC in the process.

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Omega quickly dictated the tempo right off the bat, easily getting the early map control by taking down all of the three TNC outer turrets inside the first 10 minutes of the match.

TNC, though, rallied back into the game, taking out two heroes from Omega to get some space for a Luminous Lord. Patrick “E2Max” Caidic, with a slim HP on his Pharsa, had a timely Feathered Air Strike against four TNC players to last hit and secure the Lord for OMG.

Omega didn’t let that heads-up play from E2max go to waste as it closed Game 1 in a 13-11 score and in 19 minutes of play. E2max was hailed MVP on his Pharsa with 3-3-4 KDA, while Christian “Raizen” Sumagui and Duane “Kelra” Pillas provided the damage with 4-0-1 and 5-3-4 KDAs, respectively.