Five CSGO Teams to Watch at the IEM KATOWICE 2022 Play-in Stage


The play-in of IEM Katowice starts today with a stuffed timetable of games. Combined with our IEM Katowice Play-In Predictions, we separate the section and the groups that will fancy their possibilities gaining ground into the upper section quarters and possibly even into the last competition.

There are a few high-profile groups that will partake in this play-in stage, including NiP, Fnatic, BIG, Astralis and FaZe Clan. Those groups have either been at No. 1 or near that situation on the planet rankings.


NiP will be one of the most prominent of these groups playing on Tuesday. They are as of now No. 6 in the CS:GO world rankings. They will, in any case, still not have the administrations of Dev1ce yet. Rez, Plopski and Hampus will lead the charge for NiP, beginning with a best of one against Wisla Krakow on Tuesday.

Previous world No. 1 Fnatic will confront an interesting opener against world No. 17 Copenhagen Flames on Tuesday. Brollan and Krimz, two of Fnatic’s center that drove the group to No. 1 on the planet, will be entrusted with driving the charge in this competition too. Fnatic have now had a lot of opportunity to settle with their new center after a progress. That should imply that Fnatic’s exhibitions begin to move along. It will be required frantically too in the wake of losing their last four matches.

Enormous have now moved out of the best 10. They are by and by No. 11 on the planet yet have a fabulous chance to develop their present rankings in the event that they can make a profound run into this competition. They will be facing Movistar Riders in their opener, and ought to look at this as an optimal chance to continue on rapidly to the upper section quarters. Syrson and Tabsen are both averaging 0.72 kills per round over the most recent three months of CS:GO activity. They were powerful purposes behind BIG’s ascent to No. 1 in the rankings in 2020. Alongside Faven, who has been in solid hostile structure, BIG should further develop their consistency rapidly. No preferable way over a high-profile competition like this one.

Continuing on to world #7 Astralis who face MIBR in somewhat of a crisscross. While Astralis are off by a long shot to the statures that they have accomplished as of late, they will in any case be anxious to continue on in this section against world No. 35 MIBR. BlameF has discovered some hostile structure for Astralis, with 0.75 kills and 0.63 passings per round over the most recent three months of CS:GO activity. He should be a vital figure on the off chance that Astralis gain further headway into the play-in.

One more top 10 unit in FaZe should battle for their spot in the principle competition by qualifying by means of the play in. Fluster are presently world No. 9 and begin as huge top picks against world No. 20 Sprout. Fluster are by and by on a three-match series of wins, which remembers wins against probably awesome for the world, including Vitality, BIG and Liquid. Remember, Robin “ropz” Kool won’t play for the group in the beginning phases of the occasion.

With a lot of top-10 groups doing combating it out in the play-in, it very well may be intriguing to perceive how these groups progress further into the competition, and help their expectations of coming to one of the greatest CS:GO competitions on the planet. In a best of one arrangement, you actually might anticipate a couple of upsets.