eSports Betting in the Philippines 2022


Filipinos love games and gambling, so why is it when talking about eSports betting, the Philippines isn’t included?  Even though more than 30% of Filipinos play video games, many of them don’t know about the growing eSports betting market.

This means there’s a big Southeast Asian audience out there that’s just about to make their first eSports bets! In this review, we’ll discuss the current Philippine eSports betting scene. We’ll take a look at the factors that control Filipinos’ opinions on eSports betting and talk about the best eSports betting sites to use in the country.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, is eSports betting legal in the Philippines? Are Filipinos allowed to bet on eSports online? If so, what are the requirements that must be followed? The answer to the first question is yes! In fact, the Philippine law even allows Filipinos to gamble on offshore casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling platforms, not just local ones.

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The only concern that the Philippine government has so far with online gambling is that the platform being used must be a legitimate one, meaning it has to be licensed and regulated in the country or state where it’s operating. Unlike eSports betting in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries that have many restrictions on sports and eSports betting, the Philippines only has the age restriction where you have to be 18 or over before you can start gambling.

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