E-Sports Regulations


The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) encourages and supports new and growing professional sports in its new Resolution on E-sports. The resolution covers all professional electronic sports (e-sport philippines) competitive video games of various genres. Players and teams compete using computers or other electronic devices connected to the internet or a local area network for prize money. It does not apply to elimination or qualifying rounds in which enthusiasts and the general public compete for token rewards of not more than P10,000.

E-sports are governed in a variety of ways.

The resolution mandates that all persons and businesses involved in E-sports obtain a license. In order to acquire a license, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. a properly filled-out application form;
  2. two copies of a 22-inch photo ID;
  3. a government-issued identification card;
  4. Parental consent is require in the case of children.
  5. For promoters, income tax returns or a statement of assets and liabilities are require;
  6. For new candidates, a certificate of membership or letter of endorsement from a recognized association/club, as well as a professional license card issued overseas; and
  7. THC and methamphetamine drug test results.

Professional E-sports players’ licenses will be valid for one year, while all other permits will be valid for two years. A player’s license must be renew before his birthday for renewal reasons, while every different sort of license must be renew before the licensee’s birthday. The resolution also adds an extra condition for international competitions. Before the tournament, all professional philippine esports teams must obtain permission from the GAB to go or compete abroad.

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A permit for tournaments, competitions, or games is also include in the resolution. The contest, match, or game’s promoter must apply for the license with the GAB at least ten days before the event. Any E-sports event must also pay a portion of the proceeds to the GAB. The GAB is entitle to 3% of the total gate receipts and money from the event’s television, radio, and motion picture rights, which must be remitt within fifteen days of the event’s date. The organizers must deposit 50% of the expected 3% share that the GAB is entitle to before the event. The following is also require.